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There's nothing as beautiful as a print on fine art paper, the texture and feel of a real print with the detail and colour range that even the latest digital displays cannot match is something that has to be experienced in person to be appreciated.

Framed PrintS

There's nothing like a framed print, a piece of art that not only decorates a room but also makes a statement. A reminder that your pet is beautiful both inside and out.

If you prefer something smaller we have a range of frames to suit any desk, mantle piece or bedside table.

Your wall art can be previewed with our design software.

When you have a fine art portrait of your pet, showing it off can really enhance your home. 30x40" matted frame print shown.

Hand torn fine art framed print

For more intimate portraits something for the bedside table would look great. Shown with hand torn edges floating print.

All wood frames in a range of colour choices.

Our frames are made of solid wood, Choose from a range of 10 different colours.

Desk frames available

Self standing desk frames come without glass and are printed on a laminated paper with a velvety smooth texture.

During your viewing session we will help you create the perfect match of frame colours and sizes for your photos, with our design software we can show you what your photo will look like in your chosen frame with our virtual rooms, or you can even use a photo of a room in your own home to preview of your wall art. All before you even confirm your order.

All wall art frames are made of solid wood and come in a range of colours and finishes. As well as different mounting options including floating hand torn edges, matted and unmatted.

All our prints are made with archival materials that will resist fading a discolouration, looking as good in many years time as they will today.

Prices start from $320


Albums are a great way to have a collection of images that tell a story. They can make great gifts or heirlooms and don't need a lot of space to store. If you've ever experienced the delight of opening the family photo album to reminisce you'll remember the special feeling that reliving such moments can give. If photo albums are a little before your time, in for a real treat.

Silk image wrap cover

Your album will be uniquely designed around your selected images, making your album design truly your own.

Silk image wrap cover

Image wrap options expand design options, shown here printed on silk.

Sizes from 5x5" to 11x14" available

Albums come into a wide range of sizes, from 5x5" to 14x11" and are presented in either a keepsake box or cloth bag.

Linen cover option

Cloth cover options available include linen, leather and Japanese silk.

At the viewing session we will choose your favourite images, then we'll design your album on the spot to can show you what they will look like in your album with our design software. You'll be able to proof your album to make any changes needed before making your album.

All our albums are made to last and will not fade providing a heirloom that will give you joy for many years.

Prices Starting From $550

Folio Collections

If you can't decide on a frame and you're not sure of an album, a folio collection lets create your own set of loose matted images that you can have framed, give some of them as gifts. Each folio is presented in their own beautifully made wooden box wrapped in either paper or cloth.

Craft folio collection box

Two sizes available 5x7" & 8x10". Shown here is the 8x10" 5 print folio.

Linen folio collection box

Folio collections come as 5 & 10 print collections, Shown is an 11x14" 10 print collection box.

You can choose what ever photos you want to go into your folio collection at your viewing session. We'll be able to help you find that best combination of size, folio and images so that your images will be a great source of joy.

Each folio box becomes it's own keepsake that you store your prints in or even other precious memories.

Prices start from $550

Matted Loose Prints

If you’re not sure what you might want to do with your photos then our loose matted prints are an excellent option. Matted prints come ready to frame in standard frames sizes so if you can't decide on a frame option with us you can simply use a frame from any quality framer.

Both the print and the matts are fully archival and will not fade or discolour in years to come.

They come in sizes from 5x7" to 16x20".

Prices starting from $100.

Fine art prints

Why Print?

We believe your photos should last a lifetime, if there's one thing that has been proven to last a lifetime it's a printed photo. All our products are printed on archival materials that have been proven to last decades without fading.

In fact many USB memory sticks are likely to suffer data loss after 10 years if left in storage, while our printed products are still going to look as good in 100 years as they do today, even if exposed to sunlight for decades at a time.