It can get pretty busy in the studio when you have 5 animals at the same time, it doesn't happen often that one household turns up with this many pets, especially when more that half of them are cats, but we always encourage people to bring as many pets as they can manage to their pet portrait session.

Cats of course will be cats, you might get them to stay put for their portrait for a little while but they’ll quickly figure out that there are other things to check out in the studio and that’s always somewhere other than in front of the camera, no matter, patience is the real key to creating memories.

Sure it means that the session will run longer; and that's a good thing. We always want to make sure that all pets and their families are relaxed, and that means taking as much time as needed to get the best photos from a session.

That’s why we always adjust the length of a session to allow for a relaxed pace based on the number and type of pets. There’s nothing worse than a stressed pet and that translates into stressed owner, and that makes for a less than ideal portrait session.

Even their mum Amy got some portraits with each of them, no pet portrait session is complete without the whole family involved.