With the recent effects of COVID on business activity we understand that people may have more things on their mind than pet portraits, we decided to sit on some stories until a more receptive time to share them. However now that COVID has become the new normal for some time to come some of the more important stories need to be told now.

This is Bert, one of the most difficult shoots I’ve had to do as a pet photographer. It was not the kind of difficulty that comes from shooting puppies/kittens or pets with no training or highly distracted, that’s just tiring but still fun. Bert was difficult because the very next appointment after the portrait session for him was a house call from the vet, Bert was very sick and beyond help, Bert’s family was about to say goodbye to him and the session was their last chance to make some memories with him.

Having your own pets you know exactly what the family is going through in times like that, that’s the difficulty, but it’s also the last thing you should focus on, you have to remember it’s not about you. 

All people who book a portrait session at the end of their pets life are usually after the same thing, they want to celebrate life. It’s not always possible to have the chance to do that when the time comes as it does for all pets. With old age as in Bert’s case, things tend to go a little more slowly and the opportunity to make something that will bring happiness in years to come is a natural decision. 

Even the cat took part in the shoot

Shooting at their home with his dad Adam, these are the kind of memories that really celebrate the love that we share with each other. 

Good night Bert