Albums FAQ

How many pages can I have in my Album?

Our clients typically order from 25 to 30 pages for their albums, you can certainly go a lot higher if you need to. Depending on the album you choose our albums can have up to 60 pages.

Can I decide to purchase an album after the session?

Of course you can, we know that it may be difficult to decide before the session so there's no pressure to make that decision before hand. Once you can see your photos you'll be in a better place to decide.

What quality of paper can I expect in my album?

All our albums are printed on high quality on archival fine art paper by Canson, which will resist discolouring. The Canson paper company have been manufacturing some the highest quality paper since it's beginnings over 450 years ago.

How many photos can be included in my album?

It will depend on the album size and number of pages that you choose. As a rule of thumb for a small album we recommend an equal number of photos to the number of a pages as a maximum.

For larger albums you can accomodate more than one photo to a page but we recommend this for only some of the pages in your album as some photos will look better as full page spreads, so the rule of thumb here is about 50% more photos than the number pages in your album.

I don't know which images to include...I love them all! Can you help me?

Don't worry at your viewing session we will help you work out what your favourite photos and from there we can start working out the best photos to include in your album.

I'm not sure what cover or material I want!

That's OK, at your viewing session we will have a full range of samples that you can see and feel to help you find your favourite option.

Will I see a draft of the album before it goes to print?

Yes, when we have designed your album we will send you an online proof that you can review, make comments on and approve before we send it to the printers.

Can I purchase a second album down the track? How long do you keep the design?

Of course you can, we don't delete a finished design, ever.

Do you offer albums for other shoots (e.g. family or couples)?

The simplest answer is yes, we can. Christine who makes up one half of the husband and wife team behind The House of Dogs specialises in families and couples. But that's not to say that you can't include your pet in these sessions if that's what you want. Talk to us about to find out how we can make your session happen. You can see Christines website at

Is there a discount for mini or gift album copies?

Yes you can, if you order a mini version of your album of the same design as your main album.

How long will it take to receive my album?

3 to 4 weeks once the deposit is paid and you have approved the design.

How do I care for my album?

Caring for your album is no different from how you would care for any photo album or a fine edition book. We include a little "how to care for your photos" card with every album to help you.

Do you ship Australia wide and overseas?

Yes, if you want us to send your album anywhere just let us know and take care of the rest.

Do you offer returns?

As your album is made to order and the photos in it are printed straight onto the bound pages it would not be possible to return your album for change of mind.

Do you offer refunds if I decide not to get an album after I have ordered?

If you decide not to go ahead with your album we will refund your deposit less 20% of the total value of the album. This covers the design work that goes into the album.

Once the album design has been approved and sent to the printer we cannot offer any refunds.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, if you wish you can pay in instalments to spread out the cost of your album. We don't charge interest or fees for this service and we can tailor a payment plan to suit your needs. Just let us know during your or viewing session in you are interested in this.